The story

We’ve always wondered if design can make everyday life a little butter...

so we set out to do an experiment. And because humans are biased, we decided to use a more impartial test subject – the cow. Aka the judge of all judges.

We called up our friends at Brodowin, a charming eco-farm north of Berlin. The cows here are in paradise, which makes them especially critical. We wanted to know – will the cows like these posters? Will this make their life even butter?

We exhibited the posters in their stalls for a week. The effect? According to Franziska Rutscher, the director of Cow Happiness, cows enjoy the art a lot and may even produce tastier milk after a viewing. (See testing methodology below)

Stay tuned for our limited edition bio-butter, made from the milk of those happy cows - subscribe!

Bonus note: 10% of all proceeds go to WFF.





Our unscientific testing sample size consisted of 20 Holstein Schwarzbunt cows on the bucolic grounds of Brodowin Farm. Testing took place outdoors at an adequate temperature of 18°C with south-west winds of up to 20km/h and 0% precipitation.


Scoring / methodology

> Time spent looking at each piece of art (1pt / 15 sec)

> Intensity of mooing (1 pt min volume - 3 pts max volume)

> Frequency of mooing (5pts / moo)

> Poster licking (+10 pts)



Any artwork that incurred 8 points or less was immediately rejected.

If you have read this far, kudos to you. Keep in mind to take these results with a pinch of salt, slice of bread and a bit of yummy butter …mmmh …that’s how it’s intended.

The people behind this

A happy bunch of Berlin based creatives. Check out more work at Kids Creative Agency and reach out for collabs!